Citrus Trees Overwintering in Your Home

Citrus trees make a great potted plant.

Citrus Trees Overwintering in Your Home

Citrus trees make a great potted plant. They can live outside or inside in a large pot. Like most houseplants on the market today, they are tropical plants. They are evergreen, they have a sweet fragrance from those wonderful blossoms and an added plus of providing fruit. Another thought is giving a Citrus tree as a Christmas present. Its fruit can look like ornaments. 

Winter is approaching and it is time to start thinking about caring for your citrus through the cold season. If your trees are in pots it’s time to  prepare them for the move indoors.  

Check them for pests and treat any disease or pest issues while the trees are outdoors. 

If you haven’t purchased a tree yet consider selecting a smaller variety on a semi-dwarf or dwarf rootstock. Meyer Lemons, Thai Lime and Kumquats would be good choices for pots.  

If you are planning to purchase a citrus tree you may want to talk to your local nursery to check their supply and possibly special order. Citrus trees have been in short supply in the past years and if you have  want a particular variety you should make sure it is on the list coming in  from the specialty citrus suppliers. 

Indoor citrus will need 8-12 hours of bright sunlight, a south-facing window will work best, away from heater vents or fireplaces. 

Supplemental grow lights could assist. Temperatures between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit will work best.

Humidity is important for the citrus tree. This can be accomplished with a large saucer filled with pebbles, and keep the pebbles covered in water. Citrus trees do not need to be fertilized during the winter months. Citrus trees do not tolerate dry soil.  

A good well-draining potting soil with 1/3 compost will provide a good growing medium. 

I have always dreamed about having a citrus tree indoors — maybe this is the year. 

Most important? Bright light, away from heater vents or fireplace, and regular water.

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