Live Trees for Christmas Make Great Landscape Trees

Live Trees for Christmas Make Great Landscape Trees

Some of my favorite trees in the yard are the Christmas trees we purchased. I have an Incense Cedar, Calocedrus decurrens and Atlas Blue Cedar. There are also some Cedrus atlantica that have become striking focal trees in my yard that were selected one year as Christmas trees from my local nursery. 

The nursery delivered them to my house and on one occasion helped plant after the season. Such service. I use to work there 😄.

In my area, the local nursery will carry a variety of evergreen trees. Picea pungens, Spruce. Sequoia Aptos Blue, Redwood. Cedrus deodara, Deodara cedar and various Pines typically — the varieties change from year to year. I called recently to ask which trees would be available and they said “the usual” and I could special order also. These trees come in sometime in November and will sell out by early December. 

Live trees can stay in the house for a short period time about the same amount of  time as a cut tree. Up to a month. They would need to have similar conditions as a  houseplant. Bright light, away from heater sources. Regular water, and mist the  branches.

Often trees available for sale as live Christmas trees are only available during the Christmas season. The growers size them up as specialty trees and ship during winter.  

Typically they are grown in the ground and dug balled and wrapped in burlap tied  with jute twine and shipped via courier or placed in a pot with some soil. Your  nurserymen can give you advice for planting, or check out this fun video.

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